Telepathy can be stated as the psychic phenomena in which direct communication occurs between minds or mind-to-mind. “Telepathy” is derived from the Greek word ‘tele’ meaning distant and ‘pathe’ meaning occurrence or feeling. These two words were coined together by the French psychical researcher, Fredric W.H. Meyers in the year 1882. Fredric was also a founder of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR).

Telepathy is a phenomenon where there is a communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and also mental images. The descriptions of telepathy are also found universally in writings and in oral lore.

Even in the tribal societies of Australia telepathy is accepted as a human faculty. However, in the advanced societies it is believed to be a special ability which belongs to mystics and psychics. This method is not scientifically proven but telepathy is being very much studied in the psychical research in modern times. It has been found that the interests in telepathy had its beginning with Mesmerism. It is also discovered that the telepathy was among the “higher-phenomena” which was observed in magnetized subjects. There are many telepathic experiments being performed in United States and Britain.

There are many people who are learning the art of telepathy. And in order to achieve a level in telepathic skill the student should learn how to control his feeling in such way which allows circulating the energy freely between his or her centers. The telepathic centers are the solar plexus, the heart and the crown chakras. It becomes difficult to achieve mental clarity if the mind is not free or if it is under heavy feeling and emotions. A good telepathic ability will let you know what other people are thinking about you.

Interest in telepathy has been increased after the World War I. It is due to the reason that thousands of bereaved has turned towards the Spiritualism. They were trying to communicate with their dead loved ones.

There are many instances of telepathy when a relative or a friend has been injured in the accident or being killed and other person knows from a distance. It has been said that an individual receives this information in various forms in his or her thoughts. For example they see something in dreams, visions, hallucination, and mental images. If they find something is wrong, this information can cause the person to change the course of his or her action such as change in the travel plans, etc.

According to several studies performed, it has been found that most of the receivers of telepathy are women. Therefore, most of the time telepathy is also related to one’s emotional state. Well, it is also true that women are more seen to believe on intuitions than men.

It is also sometimes related with the biological factor. It has been found that blood volume changes when there is a telepathic transfer. The blood volume changes appears mainly during telepathic sending and at the same time the recipient’s brain waves also changes to match those with the sender.
An interesting fact about the telepathic experiment is that it has also being conducted during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. In this experiment, they have proved that distance is not a barrier for telepathy. However, this experiment was not authorized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Even the information of this experiment was also not announced until the mission was completed. This experiment was performed by the Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell with four recipients on Earth at the distance of 150,000 miles. Mitchell also concentrated on the sequences of twenty-five random numbers and he completed some 200 sequences. There were two recipients who guessed 51 correctly.

In the nutshell, telepathy is just like other forms of psychic phenomena which are elusive and very difficult to test systematically. This phenomenon is found to be based mainly on emotional states of both sender and receiver.

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