Millions of people around the world stay connected with trains and therefore they have passion for travelling in different trains around the world. On the other hand, there are many people that still have their best childhood memories in trains. If you are passionate about train travel then you can enjoy some really good time as Amtrak celebrates Amtrak National Train Day. Amtrak has announced that they will be celebrating the National Train Day on May 12, 2012.

Amtrak is really looking forward to make the best use of this event as Rosario Dawson joins Amtrak to celebrate National Train Day. There are many other events that will happen during the celebrations and many passengers can participate in this one if they are interested. Amtrak will also showcase some of the train equipments that will be on the display. These equipments are used in passenger and freight trains and will be available for display for all the people participating the event. Kids can also be a part of this event as they will have Kids Depot where they can make and build more things related to trains. Amtrak will also showcase some of the miniature models of earlier and futuristic trains for the people.

The National Train Day by Amtrak will be a good event for all those people who want to participate in train travel events and therefore passengers can participate by submitting their videos and information to website. There will be special events happening in various cities across United States like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and even Philadelphia. There will be special trains that will take passengers across various American landscapes and remind people of the great old days of train travel. There will be K9 unit demonstrations available that passengers can checkout during the event.