‘Feng Shui’ is an ancient art and science which was developed in China thousands of years ago. This art reveals the fact to balance the energies of any space to assure good health and fortune. Feng means ‘wind’ and Shui means ‘water’. The chi (positive energy) likes to move in your home like a gentle breeze and a waving stream. When it is blocked, the energy does not flow and you will feel that your life has also become stagnant. Balancing and correcting chi is very important for you happy love and marriage life too. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your love life by improving the energies flow of your home:

•    The first and the most important thing you should take care is the cleanliness of your house and especially your bedroom. Do not clutter things in your bedroom as it blocks the positive energy to enter into it. Always change your bed sheets for cleanliness and to increase the love activity. Make your bed as comfortable as possible. There should be any storage underneath your bed.

•    One should not keep television in the bedroom. If you have any, move it to the living room or any other rooms. Watching late night television in the bedroom kills romance.

•    Artwork, paintings has a tremendous impact on our life.  According to Feng Shui the color, shape, form and energy of the objects in the environments plays an important role about how we feel and think. Do not keep images or paintings that represent loneliness and aggressiveness. Also get rid of keeping the pictures of wars and battles. Instead surround yourself with happy, romantic and inspiring photographs and paintings.

•    Make sure that your front door and the door of your bedroom should open fully and it is not being blocked by any storage behind them. A door that is stuck or opens up partly also blocks the flow of romantic energy and other opportunity entering to your house. Also make sure that the path to your bedroom should not be blocked. Look if any furniture or other belongings stopping the path of the positive energy entering in to your bedroom.

•    Decorate every room with things that represents love to you such as photo frame with the photographs of you and your partner, natural flowers of vibrant colors in the flower vase, candles. Do not keep sharp things in your visibility. Do not keep the cactus plant in your house. Rounded or curved items are good for happy and loving relationships. Placing a round mirror in the bedroom is good for love. This shape signifies completion and unity. But make sure the mirror should not directly face the bed. It represents division of relationship.

•    The color of the bedroom walls should also to be considered in order to enhance your love life. Remember, bedroom has a strong relationship with the intimacy and romance. It should not be neglected anytime. According to the Feng Shui gurus, pink is the color of love and light blue color is also considered good for intimate relationships. You should avoid coloring your bedroom wall in dark and bright colors. One should also consider one’s birth signs because different color combinations may require for the balance in the harmony among the partners.

•    Far right corner from the front door represents relationship in Feng Shui. Therefore, you must keep this area more intimate and inviting.

•    Do not keep the photographs, gifts and love letters from your ex-boy friends. Throw it off. If you don’t want to throw at least put them in the place which is not being regularly used.

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