A child tends to become stubborn when they have a feeling that they have control over a situation. Stubbornness is mostly found in toddlers and teenagers. For many parents tackling the stubborn child is a challenging situation. Here are some helpful tips for the parents dealing with stubborn child:

Talk and listen to your kids:
 Children are born with their own mind set. In the recent times when parents became very busy they don’t have time to talk and listen to their kids. It is very important that parents spend some time together with their child everyday. This will help you to build a trusting relationship.

Behavior: Every child has a stubborn behavior and they show it sometime or the other. Parents sometimes deal this situation with anger as they feel embarrassing if their child misbehave in public. But parents should understand that anger is not a solution it will only add fuels to the fire. In such situations, parents should have patience and find out the cause of the child’s stubbornness.

Give and take relationship: It is the duty of the parents to develop the habit of give and take. Teach them to share toys with their friends while playing. Let your kids take toys from friends in exchange of his toys. This way they will understand that to get something in life they have to give something.

Role model: Become a role model for your children. Stubborn kids are more tend to do things of their own and what they think is right. They often challenge their parents. Many parents try to manage things by putting physical force. Parents have to understand that this is not going to help their children in the long run. Being parents you can set example at home for your kids.

Do not shout: Shouting will make your child even more stubborn. Parents should stay calmly at such situation. Instead of shouting, explain your point of view to the child. Explain them why you do not want them to do like this and that. Be careful that your children do not feel your words commanding.

Problem solving: When you are dealing with the problems, allow your children involve in it to find the solution. Doing it this way children will not feel that you are enemy for them.

Give respect:
 Because they are young does not mean that they don’t deserve respect. Give respect to your child. This way you will help to cultivate the habit of giving respect in your child as well. Behaving kind to child shows respect. Try to behave both respectful and firm from time to time. Be firm when you are asking child to do something.

Praise your child: Do not forget to praise your child for their well behavior, for any work they have done. You can praise them by the words like “You did a great job by helping me in the cleaning”. Praise immediately and honestly.

Guide: Be a guide to assist your child to develop their best personality. As far as possible allow your child to experience the consequences of the decision he made. This will make the argument little less. And when they realize that he had made the mistake he will understand that you were right.

Do not force: Do not act forcefully to your child to accept your rules. This will only make your child fear of you. They will not learn why and how would be the real consequences. Explain them with patience.

However, stubbornness is not always a bad thing. It also shows that your child is very much sure of himself and want them to happen what he thinks is right.